Our CAD program

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All Smith guitars are modeled using Moment of Inspiration 3D. We also use the program for guitar repairs as well. In this context the program is invaluable for designing and redesigning routing templates, rare parts or engraving.

Above: Design for Smith Starbird Elite arch top.

With all the duties and responsibilities of running a repair and building shop we don’t have a lot of spare time to become experts in 3D CAD. In fact, we spent many months researching and then testing all the various programs out there and initially settled on Fusion 360 – although a terrific program it can be pricey. It is also not as easy to use or intuitive as Moi3D. Moment of Inspiration is, in our opinion, a superior program for working with organic shapes – like guitar bodies and necks. The program is user friendly and is very powerful. It also doesn’t break the wallet. From the developer: “Moment of Inspiration (moi3d) is CAD software that’s a little different. Focused on being easy to use, it’s a great tool for designers and artists who want to construct accurate models. Booleans and 2D profile curve driven workflow makes a great companion modeler for rendering/DCC projects. Best-in-industry mesh export supporting n-gon mesh generation. Great for 3D printing. Moment of Inspiration from Triple Squid Software Design.”

Try Moi3D for 90 days free of charge:

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After you get hooked contact me at 702-884-7490 or e-mail vegasguitars@protonmail.com to purchase a copy. You can purchase Moi3D from Vegas Guitars with a 10% discount for $265.50. We will send your copy of the program and license number via e-mail or for an added charge on a USB chip. We take payment through Venmo, PayPal and most credit or debit cards. Try Moi3D now – designing with CAD has never been easier or more fun.